CILOCALA backpacks are available in 4 sizes.
Enjoy a different look by combining colors and sizes, such as a little larger, a little smaller, and just the right size.

Mini backpack for women, perfect for your baby's backpack

A mini backpack with crossed back straps that looks great on your back. It's the perfect size to fit your wallet and smartphone.
Toddlers up to 100cm can wear this bag as well (tie excess straps short). Recommended as a 1sho mochi backpack to celebrate one year old or as a backpack debut. Can hold several diapers.

Children's school bag, for lessons and outings

A size perfect for your primary school children. The backpack has a wide opening so it can store bigger items.
It’s recommended for children over the height of 100cm to wear it. This bag can fit a B5 notebook and a 500ml water bottle.

High versatility, easy to use for anyone

It can fit a 13.3-inch laptop and an A4-sized notebook, making it a versatile unisex bag.
500ml plastic bottles and folding umbrellas can be stored in the outside side pocket, so you can keep them organized.
(It was still big when I entered school, but...) It is large enough to be carried on the back of elementary school students, and is recommended for adults, students, and children.

Covering commuting, going to school, overnight trips, and more in a multifaceted way

It's large enough to fit a 15.6-inch laptop and can be used for overnight trips.
500ml plastic bottles and folding umbrellas can be stored in the outside side pocket, so you can keep them organized.
Recommended for those who carry a lot of luggage for daily use, or those who want to accentuate their style with a larger bag.

What if you can't decide between L or M?

The specifications are almost the same, with a lightweight weight of around 500g and six pockets, but the biggest difference is the size of the laptop that can be stored.

M-size fits a 13-inch mobile laptop (equivalent to MacBook Air or A4 size), which is suitable for carrying.
If you want to store a 15-inch laptop (approximately 36 x 25 cm) that is mainly used as a desktop, please increase the size to L-size.

In terms of capacity, the L-size is 17L, which is a 5L difference compared to the M-size of 12L. The M-size is compact and more convenient if you don’t plan to carry too much, whereas the L-size allows for a bigger capacity.
All are 12cm thick (excluding outside pockets), so they won't get in the way even on crowded trains.

Choose based on your preference for usage and size!