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Nylon backpack with tricolor tape giving a clean impression. An iPad can fit in the back pocket (please note that a laptop will not fit). The side pocket is designed to hold a 500ml plastic bottle, your own water bottle, or a folding umbrella.
In addition to everyday use, it can also be used in sports scenes such as yoga and the beach, as well as outdoor scenes such as camping, festivals, and travel. It is also unisex, so it is recommended to match or share with your family or loved ones.
It has many pockets, so you won't have any trouble storing a variety of items. There are many people who often carry their iPad with them when they go out. You can store your iPad in the back pocket, and it comes with a belt so you don't have to worry about it. There are also side pockets, which are extremely convenient. The front pocket also has many partitions, so you can neatly store small items such as keys and earphones.
The body is made of washed nylon. Since the fabric is washed and then dyed, it becomes slightly uneven, giving it a unique color and expression. The surface is waterproof, so you won't have to worry about a little rain.

size 34×27×12cm
11L (liters)
※iPad fits.
*This is the old model MIDDLE, and the vertical dimension is 4cm shorter than the current MIDDLE.
specification Exterior: 1 front pocket (2 inner pockets), 2 side pockets
Inside: 1 back pocket
weight 380g
material 100% nylon
country of origin China
Part number clb002st

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